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Day 11: Serengeti

The driver picked us up this morning in a large 4-by-4 safari vehicle for our trip to the Serengeti. It took us three hours to the front gate and then we began our first game drive. This was for another few hours with picnic lunch boxes close to the truck. As I stood outside of the truck biting into my chicken, six elephants passed by. It was thrilling. On our first afternoon, we saw also saw wildebeest (1.2 million in the park), zebras (800,000 in the park), giraffes (the Tanzania national animal), hippos, topi, crocodiles (barely visible on the mud banks), impala, gazelles, many beautiful birds, warthogs, ostrich, mongoose, baboons, and a dead carcass up in a tree dragged up there by a leopard. Finally we spotted three cheetahs under a tree at the end of the day. The vistas are expansive and when you see these herds you can't quite believe that you are in the middle of the real “Wild Animal Kingdom” and “Discovery” channel.

When we arrived at the lodge, it was made of natural stone and wood and blends in perfectly with the natural habitat. All meals are buffet style and have excellent food. Although we thought about doing the balloon ride, it was $500 for an hour which seems really excessive so we have opted to pass. We are seeing so many animals we are happy. Lights out to the first quiet night in many days.

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