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Day 1: Dar Es Salaam

I arrived in Dar Es Salam last night at almost 11pm having left the day before at 11am. (Stuck on a runway at Newark for 2 hours and concerned I might miss the connection in Amsterdam, I landed and sprinted through the airport to make it just in time, breathless but relieved at the end that luggage made it too). Five-hour sleep then back out the door for my short 20-minute flight in 12 passenger plane to Zanzibar. The island has been without electricity for 3 days, the generators going on and off all night. Managed to enclose the only mosquito in the room inside the mosquito tent with me, sigh, you can't predict or be type A here, you must become Zen because nothing works. Can't get into my PC because password is not right, my dryer is on strike, you name it. So, I guess I'm just supposed to “be." Who will I meet and what will I learn? I now have a gorgeous henna vine up my arm and jasmine flowers were tied to my wrist last night over a candle-lit dinner on the terrace. The office craziness is becoming less interesting to me though I have checked the Blackberry daily. But I think of you loved ones, out the door with the ladies to comb the markets for treasure.

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