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Day 2: Zanzibar

Today we arrived in Zanzibar after a short flight on a 12-passenger airplane looking out over water the color of aquamarines. The island is 90% Muslim so the women were dressed in long garb and we have tried to be very respectful of their culture. We have sampled fresh fish, wonderful fruits and wandered the streets with hawkers of wares following us around. The electricity has been out for days on the island so in the evening the generators start and stop so they can rest. One minute the air and fan is on, the next minute you are opening the windows sleeping beneath your mosquito tents. I wandered down to the local “spa” in the afternoon and set in the dark drinking spice tea with a woman while she applied an elaborate henna design up my arm. I feel quite beautiful with my vine of flowers adorning my hand and thinking about going back and putting something up my leg now. I have always been afraid to get a tattoo so this is my adventure into body painting. Coupled with the jasmine bracelet tied on arm last night over a dinner on the terrace with candles, the craziness of corporate America is gradually leaving me and I am starting to breathe again. What will today bring?

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